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I would like to involve you in this VERY EXCITING AND TRUE ADVENTURE “also by night” looking for truffles on the hills and through the woods in Langhe region.

This is not a tour, this is a true and original experience.

I give the opportunity to you and your friends to come and do what I have been doing with my dog for over 36 years (and in my family for over 120 years): to look for both black and white truffles, of course it depends of the season.

There will be no other people with you because this experience must only be exclusively for you.

You’ll have the chance to look for Tartufo Bianco di Alba and on the same time I can disclose you all secrets and beauty of nature and with trees and flowers.

Join me to experience together this exciting adventure!

  • Boots for truffle hunting in the mud
  • Torches for truffle hunting by night


We recommend casual clothes and, just in case of mud or wet ground, we’ll provide you Boots for man, woman and children with along with single use socks.
For excursion at night we’ll provide light torches for each person

Where: around Alba territory and Langhe hills.

Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish , German

Truffle hunting is not permitted in the following periods:
From 1st May to 31st May and From 1st September to 20th September

When truffle hunt is over, Luna will give you a present

All truffles we could find belong to the truffle hunter

Hunting for truffles is the most exhilarating experience for those who are truly passionate about truffles.

If you are a truffle lover and want to take part in this unforgettable search within the woods of the Langhe, browse inside this website!

The Original truffle hunting! NO SIMULATION!


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Langhe, Piedmont, Italy