• Nonno Cecchin truffle hunting
  • Nonno Cecchin truffle hunting

My grandfather “Cichin”

My grandfather « Cichin » started with this passion when he was 10 in 1899 and everything began with him. Thanks to his resolution he found out many places where it grew the “Tartufo Bianco di Alba” (Alba White Truffle); today we still go round these places looking at his secret journal.

In 1935 his son Dino was born (my uncle) and he, too when he was 10, started together with his father the activity going round the woods; this way his father was able to convey to him his passion and all secret places where the Tartufo Bianco d’ Alba grows.

  • Zio Dino tartufo alba

My uncle Dino

Still today my uncle Dino who is 82 looks for Tartufo Bianco di Alba keeping on the family tradition and passion handed on from his father Cichin.

  • Dino e Beppe truffle hunting alba

Luna, Beppe and Dino

Today it’s me and I introduce myself : I’m Giuseppe, known by everybody with the nickname Beppe il Trifulau.
I was born in 1971 and when I was 15 I started hunting Tartufo Bianco di Alba.

This passion has been handed on firstly from my grandfather Cichin and then from my uncle Dino who still today enchants me and Luna when he talks about adventures and secrets of Tartufo Bianco di Alba